Boutique Hotel Style Garden

Slate paving formes a large terrace in this garden with planting beds set into it – rather than a patio surrounded by beds. This extensive area of paving created an outdoor living space that spanned the entire width of the property, with a central entertaining venue as its focal point consisting of a large deck and overhead pergola.

Our timber deck design can accomodate more than 14 people around a long table, it has a slip resistant surface maximised by the chevron layout of the deck boards, meaning that our clients always walk across the grooved surface at different angles. The deck and patio design break up the large utilitarian paved area of the original ’70’s garden (left) and create different areas within the space.

The central timber deck is surrounded by evergreen low maintenance planting with shrubs such as Pittosporum tobira and Daphne odora ‘Variegata’. Also climbers Trachelospermum jasminoides and Rosa ‘Ena Harkness’ twine around and over the pergola. All of these plants have strongly scented flowers at different times of year and will give the deck a feeling of intimacy from the large patio as they mature.

A curving rendered retaining wall (right) replaced the harsh straight lines of the ’70’s garden layout (left). The flowing shape of our painted, rendered, retaining wall offset the linear shapes of our paving and deck. The strong shapes of a pair of architectural plants – Trachycarpus fortunei palms and Cordylines also help to balance the mix of hard surfaces, different angles and curves.

This colour 3d sketch is a typical example of how we like to help our clients visualise our ideas for their gardens. This drawing helped Mr. Wiliams decide on the layout of his garden and influenced his final choice decking shape and planting layout. We have developed this method of producing ‘artists impressions’ through our graphics background and provide this type of drawing as standard, at competitive design rates.