Mr Clutton & Ms Montagu

To say we were in desperate need of a garden designer would be a huge understatement. After 12 years of trying to juggle a 30-year-old, bizarrely planted, shady, hundred-foot garden with busy work and family lives, we had reached the point of giving up. Actually, we had given up 2 years before when I weed killered what was left of the “lawn”. We became scared; no more could we be bothered to spend a week tidying it up so we could have a BBQ. We even tried to stop looking out of the windows, as it made us feel so bad! We got to the point of considering moving house just to get away from the garden, so we decided enough was enough.
As ever in these situations, we worked out what we could afford and searched the internet for garden designers who could also complete the work. We found 3 and invited all of them to view our jungle, with our only remit being, “we want something radical, manageable and low maintenance that works with the shade but looks amazing”!
We were instantly impressed with E.scapes’ designer; he was very friendly and just listened. This really stood out for us, as another firm’s designer tried to persuade us to resurrect the lawn, which was clearly not what we were asking for. RGC listened, supported us to focus on what we liked and wanted and importantly what we didn’t. He talked us through some options and we really felt like he understood what we wanted whilst making helpful suggestions, without trying to impose his own ideas.
We certainly got radical; we agreed to have the garden completely gutted before the design stage! As it was so overgrown we assumed it would take at least a week; it took less than 3 days. The construction team (or destruction team in this case) were brilliant; they did it with minimum fuss. There was no disturbance for our neighbours and they kept us fully informed of every bit of work they were doing.
When the designer came back with the plans we were blown away. He had worked out where the scarce and precious sunlight fell in the garden and had designed around this. Having taken photographs of the naked garden, his plans included these with separate laminates of groundworks, patios and then planting over top. It was beautifully clear and it was really easy to picture how it would look. We were able to make adjustments to the plans and positioning to suit our tastes and he gave us lots of options about how we could spend our budget by choosing different materials and plants. He supported us whilst we dithered about plants and waited patiently when we unexpectedly had to pause progress at this point.
The groundwork and construction started several months after the clearance work, and again the very friendly and courteous construction team kept us fully informed throughout and we were fascinated to watch it take shape in really quick time and really impressed by their commitment to working in some pretty awful weather! The designer visited almost daily to ensure we were happy with the progress and discuss even the most minor but necessary changes to the plans.
Considering the enormity of the job; completely clearing a 100ft jungle, shifting and reshaping tons of earth, removing and replacing the entire boundary fence and gate, laying foundations, building patios, a beautiful sexy curved wall and steps, covering the rest with a membrane, laying gravel and planting, we were stunned to have this completed in less than 4 weeks and completely on budget!
Now we have the garden that we dreamed of, we gaze out of the window grinning rather than wincing. Thank you E.scape you were fantastic and brilliant beyond our expectations!