English Romantic Country Garden

Top left – a rose covered walk of 22 arches in the shape of a cloister, seen in the evening sun. All the roses are scented, combining with the smell of the lavender in formal beds in the foreground.
Below left – matching arches on the other side of the house. This south facing terrace is outside the tropical poolhouse, and leads down to the Exotic Garden.
Top right – the Exotic Garden. An enclosed retreat surrounded by windbreaks and lush planting, waterfall and pond viewed from a large octagonal deck.
Below right – looking back from the shade of palms and bamboo to the hot south facing swimming pool terrace with its arches.

Top left – the croquet lawn, swimming pool terrace, lavender beds, rose covered arches and the windbreak of the Exotic Garden.
Below left – the arches and terrace during construction and the windbreak just after planting.
Top right – the dwarf Trachycarpus palm that we planted in a bed with radiating tiles around it make a feature at the end of the terrace.
Below right – looking accross the formal lavender beds to the cloisters.

Left – practical routes to different parts of the garden make a cross shape and four planting beds filled with lavender and fuschia.
Centre – the arches extend the vista in the direction of your walk, framing the view and creating a structural harmony with the layout of the house.
Right – two sets of the same Tudor arches were built on each side of the house, bringing continuity and balance to its setting . Landscaping around a property of such character must be handled with great care.

Top left and right – the brick pattern on the swimming pool terrace was laid in concentric squares surrounding tile designs which break up this large open space.
Below left and centre – before and during construction. There was a mix of lawn and paving of random shape and size, not having any relevance to the house before we designed and built the new terrace.