Here we can see a beautiful example of an English garden during the height of summer. A perfect place for enteraining guests or the occasional game of croquet! Beautifully designed and landscaped to the highest standards.

A tritptych of details from the garden 1. Gazebo 2. Shed/Studio 3. Plant bedding. Each oth these details exemplify the quintessential elements of an English garden.

“I had three patios constructed and designed, one in particular was far from a straight forward job. Two patios required very intricate stone work. The very skillful work was carried out on schedule and to the agreed costs. A flower boarder was redesigned and replanted. The plant knowledge of the company was tremendous and I am delighted with the results.”

Janet Gibbs – 8 Dec 2008

Above left – dome shaped sandstone patio in a central alignment. Striking pattern gives strength to its prominent position dominating the garden close to the house.
Above right – sandstone star and low wall set into a Mediterranean style bed as a suntrap and centre piece for large adjoining lawn.
Below left – two crossing paths intersect with the patio making practical routes to different parts of the garden and a strong shape.
Below centre – this is the view from the house. The patio and paths break up the lawn into four quarters making further strong ‘classical’ style shapes.
Below right – this imposing house required a strong composition of patio and paths.

Top left and right – the same view after and before our new design was implemented.

Below left and centre – looking in the opposite direction. You can see the dark ‘stable’ tiles that formed the terrace adjacent to the house before we replaced them with lighter coloured sandstone.

Top left – the elegant style of the house and its stable block needed to have strong yet formal/classical layout and pattern to reflect the quality of their architectural design. Top right – before our design there was no practical surface on which to place a dining table and no clear paths to get from the house to any part of the garden.

Below left and 2nd left – before and after we built the tudor style door and fence panel in the gap between house and stable block. 3rd from left and right – dark grey stable tiles used to cover the north facing house terrace, making a gloomy impression in a shady position. Our diamond pattern sandstone paving brightened up the area with warm colours close to the house.

A wider view of some of the planting used in this garden (above) as well as a composite series that displays the variety of plant life found in this garden (below).