Woodland Gardens

Exotic Woodland Norwich

Wandering deep through lush foliage, in dappled shade on a hot May afternoon. The hostas foliage is pristine with flowers about to emerge, the tree ferns have a fresh flush of fronds, happy in the humid understory, promising a great summers growth.

Huge leaves and masses of tiny ones, low growing ferns and tall red Japanese maples all fit together in this comprehensive compostion that evokes a woodland glade.

Left – a pair of Adonidia merrillii palms frame the diving board with the large glossy leaves of the ‘fiddle fig’ Ficus lyrata behind. There are several named varieties of Hibiscus ‘Rosa Sinensis’ trained against the wall on the left.
Right – an aptly named flower of Hibiscus schizopetalus hanging over the pool. We designed the layout, specified the type of planting container, supplied and planted all of the plants in the pool house. We also return regularly to advise and oversee its maintenance.

Left – the amazingly detailed leaves of Jatropha multifida.
Right – you can see the Jatropha here leaning out from the wall and a purple creeping plant Tradescantia pallida ‘Purple Queen’ spills over the planting containers. Because we know many of the specialist plant nurseries from all over the country we can offer you unique and stunning planting compositions.

Left – the pink flowers of a small tree Plumeria ‘Rubra’ also known as ‘Franjipani’ are sweetly scented and when the two trees in the pool house flower the whole room is filled with their intoxicating tropical perfume in the evenings.
Right – the huge tassle like flowers of Thunbergia mysorensis hang from the creeping stems of this climbing plant as it twines around the roof beams.