Jungle Gazebo Retreat

Our timber gazebo designs are built in a very cost effective way. By building one of our gazebos we can give you extended usablility of your garden with shelter from light rain, shade, intimate space and privacy. Free standing halogen heaters mean it is safe to heat under the roof too, allowing you to sit out late on chilly evenings meaning that you no longer have to curtail social gatherings and retreat indoors.

This gazebo-style summerhouse dominated its small new build garden setting in Queens Hills, Norwich – but its extreme scale allowed us to obscure the small size of the garden and odd fence lines, as frequently found on new build estates creating oddly shaped gardens. We built the slate patio as well as the gazebo at strong angles, imposing our own shapes on the garden.

The low maintenance planting, watered by digiatlly controlled irrigation hidden below the slate mulch is very young in this photo. The fences are completely obscured 2 years on (watch this space for updated photos this seasn), and the space is a green oasis all year round. 4 or 5 people can sit on the slate patio in sun (more if standing party style), and a further 6 can be seated around a table in the gazebo – not bad for a 7x4m garden we think.

Our gazebo designs can be tailored to seat any number of people. They can have built in seating, decking extending beyond the roof, they can be raised on stilt type legs, lined on the inside with bamboo strips, painted any colour and can have smooth deck boards suitable for yoga, tai chi or meditation. We can build them in modern, oriental or Mediterranean styles. We can enclose 2 or 3 sides as opposed to the one shown here, or we can glaze and completely enclose the structure making a summerhouse – even including insulation and power.