Contemporary Gardens

Left – This large practical deck is used as a location for al fresco dining and entertaining. Even our self employed client often works here, as shown in this photo.
Right – Morrocan tiles clad the risers of these steps. You can see the lawn beyond, surrounded by mostly evergreen foliage giving the garden a sense of privacy.

Top left – Decks are usually favoured over a lawn space by children for playing on.
Right – The smaller ‘sun deck’ is in front of a south facing wall and is the sunbathing venue.
Below and centre left – The narrow strip of planting seen here contains low rounded shrubs and stones to preserve the view from a large window into the garden.

Left – The architectural combination of compact Pittosporum shrubs, smooth volcanic stones and slate. An Aboriginal style mural tops the wall bringing decoration close to the living room window.
Centre – The taller shrubby form of Pittosporum in the foreground brings a heady scent to the whole garden during late summer.
Right – Possibly the best Trachycarpus fortunei palm ever bought by RGC, with a stripped trunk and large dense crown of huge leaves.