Norwich Exotic Garden

The shrubs Euphorbia pasteurii, Abutilon nabob, Pittosporum tobira and Clerodendrum Bungeii all found their way into this garden. In the coming years these plants will thicken out becoming much denser, making the ground they cover appear even lusher! Initially there was ample space in this garden; however it was not being used to particularly good effect! So when we at The Real Garden Company came along we decided this would be the ideal opportunity to try out some innovative and stylish planting schemes.

Both the paths and patios have been made from Indian sandstone and are surrounded by gravel mulch which has been laid on top of a weed suppressant membrane with irrigation beneath, making for a very low maintenance and easy to care for garden. With several patio areas in this garden there is plenty of space to accommodate any number of guests.

Above (top) – here you can see the garden as a work in progress.

Above (bottom) – The original garden space with lots of space but not very much happening with it.

Here you can see a detail of the bedding bisected by two paths. The design of this garden was made to intrigue our clients by providing them with a space in which they could walk around and see or smell something new from every angle. Our vast knowledge of plant life allows us to design something that is suited to our clients needs, we have contacts with nurseries throughout the world which allow us to choose something different and not just what’s available at the local garden centre.

Here is a detail of the front garden which we also designed; note the large rocks that are set around the palms, giving this garden space a sense of remoteness, immediately it distinguishes itself from other gardens in the area.

Here we can see an artists impression for the hard and soft landscaping elements of this garden design. Here at RGC we always find it prudent to offer our clients a way to visualise their final garden by offering artwork such as this; this is done in order to help aid various design choices. We believe this exemplifies our commitment in helping our clients make informed choices about their garden so it turns out exactly the way they want it to.