Planting Schemes

The delicate sense of roses fills the air on a summer evening, growing on arches in a traditional English country garden with lavender and jasmine.

Vertical colour and tall swaying clumps of bamboo make for great screening and hedges.

House interiors, conservatories & swimming pools – all your living spaces can be full of lush foliage colour and scent.

Spiky evergreen plants from New Zealand & Australia, wild colour from the Mediterranean.

Dappled shade under a Eucalyptus, aromatherapy, beautiful bark & flowering New Zealand trees.

Cool pure white or flushed pink, giving pale contrast in shade or a heavy scent in full sun.

An evergreen structure that looks good for 365 days a year – plus a generous floral display. Because you live with your garden all year round – not just for 3 or 4 months of it.

Stunning flowers & structured foliage – using plants that are hardy & easy to grow, looking beyond the garden centre & using species a little less common.

From tropical flamboyance and woodland rarities to spiky desert plants. With The Real Garden Company, say no to only using the commercial and commonly available range of plants.

Left – All shapes, sizes, colours and characters give endless planting choices. Here soft grey tones of spiky leaves contrast muted hot colours of red hot poker.
Right – Understanding what conditions plants need & what size they will grow to aloows us to fit them together in dense communities, like this shady jungle composition.

Above – A sketch that was drawn up for a client who wanted details of some bedding for their garden design.

Above – An elevation view of a complexed planting scheme for a garden we designed in Norwich. These designs serve as an alternative to the plan (overhead) view designs we offer our clients and also, they help inform our clients about how the garden will look like at eye level.