Suffolk Contemporary Mediterranean Garden

The Suffolk coast is a perfect setting contemporary Mediterranean garden design style, with clean contemporary lines and outdoor lifestyle comfort.

Oasis Retreat Lifestyle London

In shady jungle, beside a waterfall, surrounded by towering bamboo and palms, or on a sunny deck or patio surrounded by hot Mediterranean colours and scent, there is a range settings for outdoor entertaining in this garden.

Suffolk Wild Mediterranean

A Suffolk coastal garden, with winding paths that lead through dense planting to hidden seating areas, in the shelter of serpentine bay hedges

Romantic English Country Garden

We designed this garden around a large country house built in the old vernacular architectural style of Berkshire, we surrounded it in a romanticised English garden and based the layout on the geometrical form of the house.

Curvaceous Contemporary Wall & Steps

The curving retaining wall and spiral steps are designed to make the level change in this garden a contemporary statement, rather than a purely functional structure, bringing colour and eye catching curves to our clients space.

Mediterranean Patio

Raised beds made from soft textured, rendered walls create curved and intimate spaces for entertaining in a courtyard setting. Scented plants are elevated to seating level by the beds and climb over the pergola walks beyond the terrace.

3 Crescent Garden London

A natural style pond with overhanging deck in full sun, a shady cool patio with dense exotic and evergreen foliage, all laid out in a harmonious structure based on 3 crescents derived from the overall dimensions of the garden. An antidote the the hectic city, healing with horticulture.

Norwich Exotic Terraced Garden

A garden set on six terraces, sun baked at the top, descending into deep shade, planted as wild and exotic plant collection. Many paths lead through clouds of fragance, colour and architectural form on every day of the year.

Our garden design and landscape gardening services help our clients achieve their dream gardens, as evidenced by our many customer testimonies, and long and on-going relationships with clients, some of over 20 years. Our vision encompasses every aspect of gardens; designing and landscaping with plants, water, timber, stone and fire, working with craftsmen we know well, who have the skills to realise unique and creative designs using any of the above. Our horticultural knowledge and contacts with plant hunters and specialist growers and nurseries adds a unique component to the gardens we can offer our clients. We maintain a constant drive to be informed about historical and contemporary architecture, about technology and ecology in the materials and methods we can use. Our interest in psychology and the evolution of the human conditon helps us understand the connection between nature and humans, how we have adapted in some ways and not others to the modern environment, and how we may heal or offer theraputic environments to ease our experience of modern lifestyles. We are curious and eclectic in our study of interiors, fashion, diverse cultures and lifestyles a la mode, we believe this means we can offer cutting edge design to our clients.

PORTFOLIO February 11, 2020