City Gardens

City Walled Garden

“E.scape provided lots of advice and personal attention to detail to make sure that the garden was exactly what we wanted, and that the design took account of our preferences and our budget. Infinite care was taken with the build and planting, and helpful advice has been provided since the work was finished about the aftercare of the plants, all of excellent quality, and establishing well. We think our garden now looks pretty special!”

Susan Gourvish – 17 Dec 2008

These photos were taken just after construction was finished. Most of the plants have yet to settle in and mature so you can see more gravel than would usually be visable. We adapted to budget changes during the design and construction of this project and as a result the planting was reduced and will be developed with the client in future seasons, having already made a few additions in the months since completion.

We believe that good design is about maximising our clients resources and adapting to their circumstances, which may change at any time during the project. This is especially true when building work is being carried out. We have found that large property developing companies and individuals alike need to make adjustments such as this and pride ourselves on making positive responses to the needs of our clients in these circumstances.

Without sacrificing the integrity of the design we were able to change the style of the path, cut out third and fourth small patios and reduce the amount and maturity of planting in this garden. We were still able to achieve the big changes in ground level, requiring the use of 7 tonnes of natural stone, and the essential sitting areas close to the house. We were able to keep the curvaceous paths and steps, finish the surfaces with maintenance saving ground cover sheet and gravel and plant the key plants.

A Garden On Two Levels.

These photos show the stepping stone path on the top level and the red patio on the lower level of the garden. We needed to build a wall behind the patio to retain the garden which naturally sloped down towards the house. Instead of using brick or sleepers we used rockery stone so that we could easily achieve a curve to match the patio. Being so close to the patio doors it was important that the wall compliment the sandstone patio and provide much visual detail and interest. The rocks in this stone wall will grow moss, change colour when dry or wet, woodland plants and ferns will grow out from between them. It will be a living wall.

A New Build Retreat

In new build homes space is often in short supply, consequently it can prove difficult to find a way of accommodating a client’s needs whilst maintaining a design that appears structured and cohesive. Fortunately at the real Garden Company we have plenty of experience in designing small suburban and city gardens. As seen from the images here we were able to provide a garden that contains everything a young professional might need to enjoy their free time. Through employing the use of a gazebo large enough to seat or stand a number of people and a slate patio surrounded by slate gravel we were able provide an area that appears uncrowded. Often our knowledge of construction and architectural design is brought into play when transforming a garden; we have designed many buildings in our time, gazebo, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and summerhouses are to name but a few.

A Suburban Paradise

From what began as a lifeless suburban garden plot was eventually transformed into a retreat that was ideally tailored to our clients expectations. Small urban gardens can often prove difficult to design; hard landscaping and architectural features come to dominate the garden as a client often wishes to have a low maintenance garden that requires little tending too. With many unique features; such as a sheltered seating area, an outdoor cooker and even storage space, we were able to pack a whole lot into this garden. Our client can now enjoy a wide of range leisurely pursuits! The image on the right (above) details the use of railway sleepers that were put in this design these provide a rustic lived in look to this element of the garden.