Timber Decking Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk

A range of decking decking styles, timbers, finishes and colours. Wood brings warmer and softer qualities to outdoor living spaces compared to stone.

Here in this design plan we can see the use of timber decking on either side of the garden. Both decks offer starting points and destinations and each provide unique perspectives of the garden. Ample seating space can be found on each of these areas making them the perfect place to entertain and to carry out various social functions.

Timber decking designs

It’s not only humans that like decks. This curving timber surface provides close up contact with the pond and resident Koi. Instead of fishing this cat runs away from the carp!

Timber is also remarkably easy to maintain, providing a soft surface which is ideal for children to play on as well as for dining and socialising.

Curving deck

Decking is ideally suited to use on roof terraces, here we used matching timber to build steps, seating, planters and outdoor kitchen units with a built in barbeque.

The two timber decks here work seamlessly as one. They not only lead our client to and from one end of the garden to another, but they also provide elevation, altering the perspective and creating unique vantage points of the immediate area. The use of timber also blends well with the other natural elements of the garden.

By utilizing the space available, there is enough room to accommodate and entertain many guests; both friends and family. The hard landscaping materials used in the decking and gazebo provide a surface area that is easy to maintain and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Perfect for urban life!

Careful ergonomic design means that 25 people can be seated on this roof deck. Cooking & entertaining are a must for our clients & they were thrilled with the finished terrace.

Timber can be crafted into any shape imaginable and so consequently offers us tremendous versatility when designing. The circular and ovate patterns above demonstrate what is achievable!

Decks make perfect destinations in secret gardens. Both of these decks are hidden at the back of their gardens – over a waterfall & under eucalyptus grove – the perfect getaway.

Top left and middle – hexagonal deck with pine growing through, as featured on BBC Gardeners World.
Top right and below left – before the jungle grew around it and made it invisible to neighbours.
Below right – All but two of the outer boards were stained black echoing the black bamboo next to it – see Exotic Woodland In The City

Top left – black Chinese style arches were part of the deck’s structure.
Top middle and right – rear access to this garden was above ground level. This deck incorporated steps descending into the garden. Diagonal boards and double foot rails add to the design detail.
Below left & 2nd left – heavy timbers were used to support the deck at 1st floor level above the garden.
Below 3rd left & right – an integrated structure of stairs, deck, arch and balustrade